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Hi, I’m Emily Positano,

Founder & CEO of Made Manifest Brands. I left my NYC agency career behind to start a new type of consultancy dedicated to the belief that the world needs conscious entrepreneurs—and their businesses—to be wildly successful. And, in today’s world, brand is one of the most powerful vehicles for change.

My specialty is in purpose-driven branding, and my clients are change-making, money-making, vibe-raising, bar-setting badasses on a mission to change hearts, minds, behaviors, laws, perspectives, communities… even our world. We work together using proven methodologies, inspired strategies, left and right brain solutions and soul-deep insights to create magnetic brands that light up the world.

Here’s the first (of many) insights I’ll share with you—one that came from years spent working alongside clients across industries, borders, and levels of notoriety. Brands are infinitely more powerful when they are built with the heart, soul, and inspiration that you—the inspired force-of-nature who created your business, or pumped-up superhuman running the show—already have inside of you. That’s why I’ve developed impactful programs, services and products designed to help conscious entrepreneurs and businesses unlock their divine brand-spiration.

I know that when businesses are armed with inspired brands, they can more easily and effectively inspire others to jump onboard and, ultimately, ignite the world.

Are you ready to take this hero’s (& she-ro’s) brand journey with me? Let’s do this!

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Emily has spent almost a decade living and breathing purposeful marketing

Emily began her career running communications for a homeless services nonprofit in Washington, DC. There, she learned the power of brand first-hand, helping a small community-based organization transform into a renowned player inside the Beltway and beyond (ask her about it sometime!).

After realizing that helping businesses through branding was her professional calling, Emily moved to New York City and honed her skills as a Brand Strategist, cutting her teeth at two of the top brand agencies in the country. Emily refers to this period of her life as her “way-better-than-an-MBA” apprenticeship because she was mentored directly by the best branders in the business, and quickly rose to leading the brand strategy development for a prestigious portfolio of clients.

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Over the course of her career, Emily has been privileged to strategize, advise, and build brands for some of the world’s most renowned brands.

In 2016, Emily started her own brand consultancy. What began as a side-hustle has now scaled into a full-fledged agency, allowing Emily to work alongside a crazy talented likeminded team, and serve conscious entrepreneurs lighting up the world. She earned her BA from Marquette University, and is certified in Social Impact Strategy by the University of Pennsylvania.